I heard and I forgot, I saw and I remembered, I did and I understood.

Sunrise over tents at JH Outback event

Of all the sayings that you take away from JH Ranch and JH Outback, this may be the most memorable of all. Hearing, seeing and doing are all integral parts of the experiences we have in our JH adventures. Where else would we go but the book of James for a scripture reference to capture […]

You only live life once, but if you live it right, once is enough.

One of life’s big questions is, what is our purpose? Our purpose in life is the very meaning of our existence. Without clarity in our purpose, we fail to understand our own significance and have less connection to the world around us. Our response to this question ultimately determines our worldview, priorities, and focus. Understanding […]

A life not evaluated is not worth living.

In our present culture we have many options for keeping ourselves occupied. This makes it very easy to go for long stretches without any real time of reflection in our lives. Without taking time to reflect on where we are and where we are heading, we may find ourselves slowly but surely drifting off-course. A […]