World Changing

Everlasting impact

We believe better
relationships can
change the world.

JH Outback is building a far-reaching network of partners, supporters and volunteers who are passionate about seeing communities restored, strengthened and transformed, one family and one relationship at a time.

JH Outback Around the Globe

In each of these countries we are assisting with the formation of Weekly Meetings and Weekend Events. These weekly groups are the essence of Outback as men and women seek more of God in their lives and families. The overflow of these Weekly Meetings results in Weekend Events to reach out to their respective communities. We are excited about all that the Lord is doing. 


2024 EVENTS:

May 31- June 2: Czech Republic
May 31-June 2: – Gdansk, Poland
June 7-9: Wisla, Poland
June 7-9: Eastern Poland
June 14-16: Wisla, Poland
Aug 18- 22: Bieszcady. Poland
Aug 18-22: Wisla, Poland (includes Outback University)
Sept 6-8: Wisla, Poland
Sept 13-15: Wisla, Poland
Sept 13-15: Czech Republic

I heard and I forgot.
I saw and I remembered.
I did and I understood.